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This internal beckoning, and primordial reckoning to taste that which has been denied by a false sense of standardized morality; has been cultured from a nobility we no longer strive to attain nor have the fiber to facilitate as we plunge deeper into the abyss of eager degeneration. With that said, I introduce to you the ambassadors to the stars…..Aqualeo pronounced (awk‘ wae‘ lee‘ o).

Emerging from Houston, Texas, these two rap phenoms have been developing a massive underground buzz since their departure from Swisha House/Warner Asylum Records. From charting on Billboard with Techn9ne to knocking out back to back international tours with the demented duo Twiztid, it’s safe to say AQUALEO has been heating up.

Aqualeo consists of “Priceless” whose lyrics are as contextually dominating as his delivery, and Acie High, whose exceptionally witty flow takes on the fluid attributes of his birth name. The group’s name in whole is reminiscent to Outkast’s 1998 album title “Aquemini” yet this stellar alliance references astrology as the basis of their musical content because AQUALEO is from the city of Astros, Rockets, and Comets, prophetically located in the “Lone-star” state, Texas.

After releasing an LP S.O.T.D., an EP Black Magic, and Acie High’s solo record L.O.V.E. It is now time for the release of Priceless’s solo album respectfully entitled H.A.T.E. Being the Aquarius is the polar opposite to Leo as is love to hate, Aqualeo once again showcases duality.

Aqualeo’s artistry is (multi-faceted). . and aside from their demented face-painted personas, “Truth & Dare”; Priceless and Acie High, respectively embody their astrological make-up of the Aquarius and the Leo.

Painting vivid pictures from two contrasting yet interwoven (philosophies) “Truth” aka “Priceless” (merges) traditional religious indoctrination and mythology with new age eschatological prophecy by compositing and comparing the lives of past deities with contemporary iconic stars.

Dare” aka Acie High on the other hand dances to the tune of the Pied Piper, reveling in all the ills that affect humanity with little moral regard. This (collaborative entity) known as Aqualeo masterfully juxtaposes each other as (polar opposites often do) challenging any and everything in their music.

Utilizing the cosmos as their palate; Each member fully embodies what their particular sign encompasses as the two collectively understand what constitutes them as being “stars” as well as artists.

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